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Premiere: FXBIP – Expectations

If there’s one blessing from the fate Coronavirus has inflicted on the music industry, it would be the meteoric rise of charity compilations and the leverage they have given to individuals to offer aid with their wallet and get quality music in exchange.

Montreal Dances Across Borders VOL.1‘ is yet another vital release added to the pool, raising funds for human rights group Solidarity Across Borders, with a self-stated mission “to remind that this music is above all made to unite through differences, across all types of physical or abstract borders”. 

Across the compilation we are treated to a battery of experimental frequencies and downright dangerous techno. FXBIP’sExpectations‘ pricked our ears with lashings of acerbic acid, urgent electro-style percussion, and the late-game surges of bass that summon flitting memories of hardcore raves. Thoroughly untameable and as rough as they get, this is a good place to start on the compilation.

‘Montreal Dances Across Borders VOL.1’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. CMD – Nanobodies Of Love
2. Police Des Moeurs – Hirondelle
3. Tourment – Zone Chaude
4. ottoman.grüw – The Sound Of Joy Is Enlightenment
5. Ossifer – Demiurge
6. FXBIP – Expectations
7. Honeydrip – Criticism Again
8. Aquaventure – Expanding Uncertainty
9. Sprælle – HANKERING
10. Xarah Dion – Delight Frozen Over Ether