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Premiere: Abstraxion – Deleuze Fight (Interstellar Funk Remix)

Despite his youthful air of new kid on the block, Harold Boué alias Abstraxion has been around devotedly producing and helming his label Biologic since 2005.

Playfully twisting and remodeling antiquated patterns and faded formulae to his own – borderless – taste, the Frenchman keeps reinventing himself release after release, pushing for a sound as sensitively deep as it invites to re-think the whole spectrum of “dance music” under a more poetic, open-minded light.

Back with a new EP for Jennifer Cardini and Noura Labbani’s Dischi Autunno, Boué heads for a darker rhythmic vein this time, serving up a pair of steadfast, EBM-infused electroid rollers supported by two revamps from ace floor transgressors Black Merlin and Interstellar Funk – both crisply hitting the mark.

Premiereing via our channels today, IF’s syncopated acid dribbler has us hopping in the midst of a frenzied danse macabre, rife with squelchy bass hiccups, zigzagging distortions and a loud but lo-lidded 4/4 stomp. Now imagine Deleuze and Hegel hitting the octagon for a nasty dialectic wrestle to the sound of it. OOF!

Black Vulture is released via Dischi Autunno on 24th May, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Black Vulture
2. Black Vulture (Black Merlin Remix)
3. Deleuze Fight
4. Deleuze Fight (Interstellar Funk Remix)
5. Remember Bourdieu (Digital Only)
6. Nietzsche’s Future (Digital Only)

Discover more about Abstraxion, Interstellar Funk and Dischi Autunno on Inverted Audio.

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