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Premiere: Black Snake Whip – A Gun To The Head Thing

Hear the cowhide lashing and funky synths purring? Here comes the mysterious Black Snake Whip with his debut drop for Manchester via Berlin’s INDEX: Records.

Bridging the gap between breezy house tropes and greasy tech dynamics, BSW’s eponymous six-tracker has us zoning out to a moody biosphere of sorts. The record crag hops from wistful synthscapes the Hans Zimmer from Interstellar wouldn’t disown, to finely incorporated junglistic moves and electroid pulsations, then drifting onto more opaque leftfield terrains and further spacious crosscuts.

Premiereing through our channels today, the record’s closer – ‘A Gun To The Head Thing‘ – weaves oneiric ambient motifs and skittish samba rhythms together with a much welcome touch of Bochum Welt-ian escapism. A well engineered piece of cyber-organic electronics geared with a neat lil cluster of floor-friendly attributes, this one’s sure to send the listener into orbit far off the beaten path. Sail off time.

Black Snake Whip is released via INDEX: Records on 29th May, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A2. Generic Tekno Blues
A3. Munter Chic
B1. Nutta
B2. People Soup
B3. A Gun To The Head Thing

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