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Premiere: Adam Strömstedt – Reptile Boogie

From the cold banks of Mälaren in Stockholm to the Blue Mountains neighbouring Sydney, Swedish producer Adam Strömstedt fully acclimated to his new life and habitat; a chameleonic quality his music largely shares. With his ductile, stripped-back blends of minimal techno and sun-kissed house permeating the dancers’ mind like a heady perfume, Adam found two perfect shelters for his music in the label of his friend Mr. Tophat, Junk Yard Connection, and Bristol’s Banoffee Pies. However it’s through the further personal Lyssna Records that the man from the North now gets most of his music out, with the help of fellow curators Mohammed Al Harbiti and Flord King.

Since the label’s inception two years ago, Strömstedt put out a pair of splits alongside co-founder Flord, but no individual record as of yet; a void about to be filled with his debut solo 12″, ‘The Reptilian Overlord Therapy sessions Vol. I‘. Up to stream across our channels today, ‘Reptile Boogie‘ is a proper infectious laid-back number. Coupling thermal synthlines with skittish percs and acid bass jags on stealth mode, the track puts on a cozy, summery vibe interspersed with vibrant speech moments, but certainly doesn’t lose sight of its club-ready attributes. Cold-blooded and limber as it gets, this reptilian doozy shall not only have the lizards and iguanas dancing, but your girlfriend too.

The Reptilian Overlord Therapy sessions Vol. I is released via Lyssna Records on 12th March, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. TST142
A2. Reptile Boogie
B1. Green Room Therapy
B2. Split Tongue

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