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Premiere: Akumen – Embrace

Brooklyn, New York label Fortune Signal prepare their second release: ‘Embrace‘ EP contains five dancefloor churners from LA-based Akumen, along with a steppy remix from Brooklyn’s Haruka Salt.

If you’re signed up to the proggy trance-break labels out there pushing fun dancefloor gear (such as Salt Mines and Planet Euphorique) then elements of this EP will catch your ear. Akumen takes the psychedelic, oil-sheened basslines of this subgenre and adds to it US house hook snapshots, while Haruka Salt adds detuned piano rave chords to her remodel.

Our premiere, the titular track ‘Embrace‘, works all the right muscles for a holistic dancefloor full of positive energy. Simple phrases loop along with fractions of vocals, pitched to hit dancing feet at just the right note, while arpeggiated trance chords roll through the background. The track has plenty of space, both for conjoining with others in a mix, and for itself, with crescendo and diminuendo working throughout the track, making it a perfect track for the steady rise of energy.

‘Embrace’ EP is scheduled for release 29 July via Fortune Signal. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Bring It
2. Embrace
3. I Can Feel It
4. Meta-Emotion
5. Bring It (Haruka Salt Remix)