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Premiere: An Avrin – Waved Length (Nova Cheq Remix)

Erbium Records, a label based out of Birmingham, UK, prepares the ‘Laika‘ EP from An Avrin, featuring four original dancefloor tracks from the London-based producer and one remix by Nova Cheq.

Listeners to the EP had better prepare like the namesake dog, fired into space by the USSR, before listening to the record: a combination of both slippy slo-mo dancefloor jams (‘LIGO‘ and ‘ISRU‘) and unignorably danceable ‘floor gear, ‘Laika‘ makes good on the astral connection insinuated in the titling.

With the original material holding up the EP’s integral value with quality music, Nova Cheq’s remix is a breakaway in terms of energy: a self-styled “Ard Dance Tekno Vamp”, Nova Cheq has appeared on disks pressed by the likes of Sherelle and Naina’s Hooversound and the Das Booty label.

Take one mind-spinning vocal snap, a for-the-jugular bassline and some top-tier rave atmospheres, and you’ve tuned into the right frequency as Nova Cheq’s remix of ‘Waved Length‘ — shamelessly fun yet fearlessly serious in the same breath, this one is for cranking up the heat, and getting those sweaty bodies moving up against each other.

‘Laika’ EP is scheduled for release 22 July via Erbium Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Vacuum
2. Waved Length
5. Waved Length (Nova Cheq Remix)