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Premiere: Aleksi Perälä – GBLFT1740071

The Colundri sequence scintillator known as Aleksi Perälä is no stranger to Inverted Audio. His kaleidoscopic, transcendental sonics place him galaxies away from your local dance floor and instead, orbit somewhere comfortably where weirdness is welcome.

So consider it fate then that Perälä was signed to Nina Kraviz’s трип imprint and his Paradox LP has nuzzled comfortably between releases from PTU and Roma Zuckerman; with “GBLFT1740071” providing a playful romp on a dance floor hidden between galactic leylines. Somewhere between the coy synth growls, the mischievous melodics and crisp percussion lies a mystery to be enjoyed with care and curiosity.

Paradox LP is out now on Trip, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. GBLFT1740065
2. GBLFT1740066
3. GBLFT1740067
4. GBLFT1740068
5. GBLFT1740069
6. GBLFT1740070
7. GBLFT1740071
8. GBLFT1740072
9. GBLFT1740073
10. GBLFT1740074

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