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Premiere: Akasha System – Bloom

No one in the community will ever forget the shocking events that unfolded that cold night of December 2, 2016, in Oakland, USA. That night 36 people lost their lives to the fire that consumed the Ghost Ship building – a converted warehouse home to an artist collective that was then hosting a showcase from our great friends at 100% Silk, and left the hearts of so many bruised and battered, only looking for ways to drain down the pain and feed into the process of change that would prevent such a tragedy to happen again.

Honouring the memory of these sorely-missed souls, 100% Silk have put together a superb 31-track long compilation featuring longtime collaborators and new acquaintances, collating “four sides of fogged house, fantasy acid, nocturnal electronics, sleepwalker pop, and rhythmic reveries of varied internal states“, as the press release so accurately describes the package’s vibe.

Second cut from this dense double cassette batch, Akasha System‘s glittering contribution ‘Bloom‘ guides you delicately into the invitingly warm atmosphere of a multi-hued audio dreamscape. Cascading chimes spill seamlessly as exhilarating vapours billow out in the azure sky and textured percussions beat a rousing pulse from a distance, synths blazing with further iridescent sheen as your feet start to lift from a toasty coat of sand. Bend your head and let your gaze dissolve into the sleek blue shades of this satiny cocoon of a track. Its silk will dry your tears.

Silk To Dry The Tears is released via 100% Silk on 9th February 2018, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp. 50% of the profits will be donated to Safer DIY Spaces, an Oakland-based coalition offering guidance, financial assistance, and labor to non-traditional creative community spaces.


1. The Cyclist – The City Hangover
2. Akasha System – Bloom
3. Coyote Clean Up – Worldwide Sunshine (In Yr Heart Not The Sky Dub)
4. Lunate – Memory Traces
5. Sapphire Slows – Sometimes
6. PARC – Dream
7. Octo Octa – Not Sure What To Do (Variation Zoning 4)
8. Anna Cook – Underwater Phonecall
9. Kaazi – Paix/Paix
10. Afterhours – Mood Ring
11. Fast Times – Hotmachine
12. Maria Minerva – Losing You
13. Beat Detectives – New Swing
14. Nackt – Der Konig 1-4
15. Strategy – California
16. Bobby Browser – Desert Wind
17. Orthographic Figure – No Way
18. Deeper Kenz – Lit Blank
19. Policy – Hold Me
20. Jupiter Jax – Together Again
21. Pleasure Model – La Guardia
22. Magic Touch + Bobby B – Londonbeat
23. Body-San – Tongue Control
24. Gary Safe – Dial Up To The Palace
25. regularfantasy – Anything (But That) [Plush Managements Inc Spare Me Mix]
26. James Booth – Internalize
27. Romy – Footsteps
28. Pharaohs – Cry Of Love
29. Golden Teacher – Four Faces
30. Roche – The City Looks Beautiful From Up Here
31. CosBV – Night Drifting

Discover more about Akasha System and 100% Silk on Inverted Audio.