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Premiere: Ice Dog – U Glavi Leti Ptica Belim Repom Meduze

Better known for his work as 33.10.3402, the mysterious alias under which he released a handful of choice platters for high-flying labels such as ESP Institutes, L.I.E.S. and Music From Memory’s offshoot Second Circle, Belgrade-based producer Nenad Markovic returns this winter with the debut instalment of his newly-formed side project Ice Dog.

Due out on Polish label Brutaz in the coming weeks, ‘Babylon Fish‘ makes for a much immersive exploration of droney-tech craggy meanders, anguished electronics and further afield relief-carved depths, never afraid of creeping into anxiety-inducing places and haunted crannies.

Taken from this solid package of dim-lit melodies and tenebrous ambiences, ‘U Glavi Leti Ptica Belim Repom Meduze‘ recalls of James Holden’s ‘Lump‘ with its wailing, stretched-and-pulled synth howls but as if made during the recording sessions of ‘The Inheritors‘.

Dipped in darkness but not completely devoid of light and hope, it is a rather fascinating incursion in Ice Dog’s nightmarish realms. Giving full vent to his tormented narratives, it turns the sizzling metallic reflections of delayed percs and post-industrial pulse of his gargling machines into a throbbing organic backdrop, close in essence to roving the falsely barren corridors of a ghost ship carcass with the reeking breath of unknown creatures running deep down your neck.

Babylon Fish is released in January 2018.


A1. 2vs
A2. Biti Ovde
A3. Kolutovi
B1. U Glavi Leti Ptica Belim Repom Meduze
B2. 29gt

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