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Premiere: Åmnfx – We Got It (I’ve Been Saving Up All Day)

The first time we got to wrap our ears around Åmnfx music was on the occasion of the premiere of Opal Tapes’ compilation ‘U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance)‘, an excellent VA gathering the cream of rising artists from the Russian underground house and techno scene, to which the Muscovite producer had contributed a pretty fine cut of knotty offbeat electronics.

Even though it wasn’t his first or only release to date – as Vasily had already graced the grooves of Neo Violence and THRHNDRDSVNTNN, it certainly invited us to delve deeper into his previous solo efforts, which were already opening up the promises now exploited to further extents on his first EP for Los Angeles’ 100% Silk.

If his alias is meant as the abbreviation of “Amen to FX”, hinting at the “transformative power of multi-effects on devotional music“, ‘Moscow Beat‘ is indeed poised for the rumble and hammers out a well energetic mixture of lo-fi grit and cavalcading tech’y rhythms that won’t let loose on you till your brain hands down full body control to your legs.

Our premiere, ‘We Got It (I’ve Been Saving Up All Day)‘ is a powder keg of acid bass surges, sliced-and-diced vocals fried in a thick sauce of delay and heavily filtered haze, fueled on aggro ’90s-imbued rave dementia and looping drum uproars.”Most of the good ideas come around 4-7 in the morning, when you’re tired as a dog” says the man who writes peak-time bangers with cornflakes in his bowl and cartoons on TV.

Moscow Beat is released via 100% Silk on 24th March, pre-order a tape copy from Bandcamp.


1. Forget
2. Build A Home
3. Moscow Beat
4. We Got It (I’ve Been Saving Up All Day)
5. Wayback
6. In The Café
7. Strictly Dub
8. Zhenya Vernulas

Discover more about Åmnfx and 100% Silk on Inverted Audio.