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Premiere: Anna – Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version)

Be With Records is a re-issue label started in 2014 out of the frustration that every crate digger comes up against very often; the discovery of a captivating album that will perfectly suit your collection goes down the drain as its unattainability will generally lead to a loss of a preposterous amount of money.

Bringing back some of these works to the affordable orbit (or sometimes even for the first time), Be With’s releases are records that have gained prestige among collectors for much more than their rarity status. Be it Lette Mbulu’s African-disco adventures, Kylie Minough’s early synth-pop ballads, or Air’s jazz-rock debut album – these are simply remarkable albums that will grace listeners by being more accessible.

The next release from the vaults of Be With comes from the shadowy vocalist Anna (real name Anna O’Malley), who only released two singles and very little is known about her even today. Systems Breaking Down, Originally released on RCA in 1982, is a dark, heart-wrenching disco cut which according to the press release “hard to imagine a more apposite track to soundtrack the dark days we currently occupy”.

Our premiere is the uptempo ‘Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version)‘, where Anna’s cut-up vocals meet a gloomy bassline and frenzied drum fills, creating a disordered image of shadows that overpower the lights and neons of the city night-scape.

Systems Breaking Down is scheduled for release October 28th via Be With Records, grab a vinyl copy here.


1. Systems Breaking Down
2. Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version)

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