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Premiere: Anthony Fade – At Night

With just a pair of EPs on Tomahawk and UTTU’s sister label House Crime, Anthony Fade may still be new faces to the lo-fi house scene but their sound is already blessed with the virtues inherent to that of a seasoned duo; their third offering for Shall Not Fade’s sub-label Lost Palms further reinforcing the impression that they’ve got even more tricks up their sleeves.

Our pick, the EP’s closer – ‘At Night‘ – reels off the intensity of a sinewy breakbeat workout along with a flight of classic 4/4 mechanics and the regular clap/hats combo to finish the most tepid of shruggers. Addictive and heady as it gets, the synthetic chimey hook won’t let loose on you till the club’s lights turn back on; meanwhile, the blurred-out, bokeh-style pads scudding in the background operate as a perfect counterpoint to the percs’ fleet-footed tempo, giving more impact to the drums and bass, whilst breathing in a fresh breeze and truly soothing aura to the track. Balmy churner all the way.

What I Need is released via Lost Palms on 14th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Get With You
A2. Brick Street
B1. What I Need
B2. At Night

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