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Premiere: Stream Arcarsenal ‘Hoodoo Spell EP’ on Bass Cadet Records

After a two-year hiatus, Berlin based imprint Bass Cadet Records return with Arcarsenal‘s 3-track ‘Hoodoo Spell EP‘, scheduled for release on 1st June 2015.

Since relocating to Berlin at the turn of the decade, French-natives Arcarsenal have gone on to position themselves as proponents of music as warm as their personalities. Using their shared studio as a base from which they craft their productions. Their analogue set-up and penchant for live improvisation and jams has led to releases on This Is Not Happening, Finest Hour Records, Underground Quality and their own Bass Cadet Records imprint.

Arcarsenal’s new EP entitled “Hoodoo Spell” focuses on the deeper side of the dance floor spectrum, enveloping rich melodic atmospheres; intense rhythmic patterns, dubby textures, and a touch of Omar-S induced psychotic photosynthesis.

Opening track “Days Of Down” is a deep-techno cut where intricate melodies and synth pads respond to subtle percussions and a loud bassline. “Least” follows up with a heavy drum rhythm, sustained dubby pads, stabs and soulful organ notes. A journey built to bring the listener into ecstatic dancing. The momentum of the EP is reached on the B-side where “Peoples Above The Sky” takes over. The track develops itself over nearly 9 minutes, starting from a smooth tribal pattern which slowly turns into a mental voyage where pads, organs, synths solo and acidic lines end in an epic drum break. To add a final point, the EP shows the crossover of house and techno that characterizes the Arcarsenal sound.

Hoodoo Spell EP is released on 1st June 2015 through Bass Cadet Records, order a vinyl copy through their web-store.


A1 Days Of Down
A2 Least
B1 Peoples Above The Sky


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