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Premiere: Artefactos De Dolor – Ritmo Primal

A bolder-than-bold combination of talents, Artefactos De Dolor (Spanish for Pain Artifacts) makes for a truly idiosyncratic and outstanding outfit in our age of extensively smoothed-down, virtually rendered aesthetics. Comprised of vocalist Alyssa Barrera (ldy Osc, The Bunker) and multi-talented producers Todd Sines (Peacefrog, Planet E, Residual) and Charles Noel (21/22, Ongaku, Black Nation), the US trio head far off the beaten track and into the wild, eager to explore further the darkest alcoves abuting industrial techno and EBM territories.

Focusing on the rugged nature of electronics and the wealth of potentialities left out unplumbed by the main alley wayfarers, Sines, Noel and Barrera aim to shake the scene free of the normative doxy’s yoke, by establishing a sound entirely emancipated from boring functionality and worn out floor-friendly patterns; their debut LP, ‘La Niña‘, setting particularly high production standards in that regard.

Lifted from the record, due out mid-July on HELIC.AL, our premiere ‘Ritmo Primal‘ is, as its name suggests, a much primitive-sounding affair. Like plunging into the throbbing heart of a pristine Andaean forest, brimming with unknown animal noises and shapeless incantatory whispers from the depths of time, it’s a mystic journey into the most lively of canopies we’re invited to, as AdD provide the downtempo acid meets Mexican folk soundtrack to mescalin-altered divagations a la Carlos Castaneda. End to end mind-bending stuff, you’ve been warned.

La Niña is released via HELIC.AL on 15th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Al revés
2. Ritmo Primal
3. ¡Animo!
4. Llamen al Señor
5. Medicina
6. Siento Ø
7. NE-SA-U
8. 237 Receibelo
9. [cenote dos ojos]
10. El No, El No
11. Murciélagos

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