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Premiere: Millia Rage – Spetter

Following up an excellent release from local favourites Deli Girls, New York label Sweat Equity is continuing its hot streak with a new five track EP from Millia Rage. On Sensi the Chicago based artist channels the city’s needless to say rich musical history into some seriously heady bangers that are guaranteed to inspire perspiration.

Our pick ‘Spetter’ is a pummelling percussion workout reminiscent of some of the harder Hessle Audio or Livity Sound releases. Some very heavy machinery is involved here. Massive snare-like objects pulverize the concrete foundation as filtered noise whips the resulting dust around before it eventually settles. The result is some high quality construction perfect for a steamy summer warehouse setting.

‘Sensi’ is scheduled for release 28 June 2019 via Sweat Equity. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sensi
2. Ayame (ft. Scim)
3. BDU (ft. Michael Aurelius)
4. Spetter
5. BDU (Ariel Zetina Remix)

Discover more about Millia Rage and Sweat Equity on Inverted Audio.