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Premiere: Arthur Miles – Medium Is The Message

Incepted earlier this year with a debut instalment courtesy of DJ Heure – better known as a half of Aussie duo Warren Raww, Seb Wildblood’s new label All My Thoughts keeps delving in the effervescent pool of up-and-coming talents that’s become the Australian scene.

Up next on AMT is Arthur Miles, an emerging producer hailing from Adelaide, who broke through in 2016 with a couple solid EPs on Untzz Twelve Inch and a split 12″ on Piff Records. The present four-track ‘Night Flight‘ EP makes the rounds from late night dubby ambiences through Gold Panda’esque multi-layered harmonics onto sheer organic house vibism.

Our pick, the EP’s closing track ‘Medium Is The Message‘ is a particularly fine slice of textural electronics, first unfolding a deep, aqueous intro but slowly morphing into a proper bouncy, club-ready tune around its second half. Steely percs, maracas and blazing chimes collide in a tropical mashup of washed-out funk and hazy atmospherics, weaving the kind of lovely and dreamy audio scenario you won’t want to rouse yourself from.

Night Flight is released via All My Thoughts on 14th August, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Night Flight
A2. Deep Think Straight Talk
B1. OOT Jam
B2. Medium Is The Message

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