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Listen back to Joel Eel’s charming industrial mix on Newtype Rhythms

It’s always nice to see Newtype Rhythms venture towards an unearthed venture, while the Brooklyn radio show has featured producers delving towards film scores, Eastern European record collections and contemporary club bangers it hasn’t gone towards the world of industrial, until now.

Enter Joel Eel – a Korean-Canadian producer who’s been making waves with his unique productions – striking a tone that’s charmingly self-aware yet churning with granular grooves. The Toronto-based producer has been building up nicely in the last year, starting with a remix for Kontravoid on X-IMG, and soon thereafter an appearance for the label on their compilation EP “Self-Aware II”, released a couple a months back.

However, Joel took a left turn and decided to release his debut LP by himself  just a month ago, entitled Very Good Person, the album operates as a mirror reflecting the scene that he is based around, while enhancing the charm that can be built around it.

With tracks like “No Hard Feelings” and “OMG” as highlights on the record, Joel decides to take cues from pop and let himself turn into something more Tiga-esque between the squelching basslines and rigid drum patterns. It’s unique, stylish and it’s easy to see why Newtype Rhythms asked him to contribute to the show. With that said, it’s per the usual at this point with resident Sheepshead taking over for the first 40 minutes and Joel stepping to it until the end.


Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Pan Daijing – A Situation of Meat
02. Ada Kaleh – Palatul De Clestar (Laurine Frost Remix)
03. Susumu Yokota – Nacre
04. John Beltran – Hurry Home The Trees are Finally Green
05. Head High – Burning (Keep Calm Mix)
06. Laksa – Like it’s 99
07. Ploy – Blow Poke
08. Hodge – Light Waves
09. Cadans – Dominion
10. He/aT – If I Agreed With You We Would Both Be Wrong
11. Shifted – The Cold Light (Sektor B)
12. James Ruskin & Mark Broom – Council House

Mixed by Joel Eel

01. Rebolledo – Guerrero – Cómeme
02. Solitary Dancer – Anything – Dark Entries
03. Jed Gars Hoover – acid dyson v1 – Unreleased
04. Bulkhead – Worker Kampf – Far Away Tapes
05. Factory Floor – 25 25 – DFA Records
06. Joel Eel – OMG – Self-Released
07. Marie Davidson – Naive to the Bone – Cititrax
08. Pelada – No Hay – Mind Records
09. DSX & Sid Lamar – Machinery Infinity – Veleno Viola
10. Andi – Object Crucifix – Synthicide
11. Kontravoid – So It Seems – X-IMG
12. Sarin – Integrate – X-IMG
13. Aquarian – Hydropulse (Slow Mix) – Unreleased
14. Drew McDowall – Unnatural Channel (Part 2) – Dias Records
15. Detobeat – Cliffs – Lurid Music
16. Severed Heads – All Saints Day – Nettwerk

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