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Premiere: Force Placement – Golden Hour

Navigating across the more abstract and empirical fringes of electronic music, Los Angeles-based label Material Image has slowly but surely established as one of the Californian scene’s most dependable purveyors of pensive 4/4 beats and spacious, horizon-breaking sonics. In the wake of releases by Paris-based producer Royer, Maxine & Cleo and Aschof Mal, MI return with a new instalment courtesy of local DJ and resident of LA’s infamous Black Lodge party, Force Placement.

Our premiere – the post-party flavoured ‘Golden Hour‘ – immerses you into this strange transitional moment when the night makes way for the day and the sky’s gauzy drape seems to wrap the city’s concrete and glass-clad shapes in some sort of appeasing quietude but all your markers have vanished. In limbo between fragmentary views of the night’s steadfast pulse and the drowsy soaring movements of an heavy-lidded morning, FP rolls out a well-groomed slab of trance-inducing electronics and brain-washing rhythms whose endless tide operates as a slow poison.

Sometimes It Seems Like is released via Material Image on 17th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Sometimes It Seems Like (Burnout Mix)
A2. Insofar
B1. Golden Hour
B2. Safety

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