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Premiere: Florian Kupfer – Can’t Love Life Without U

Press the rewind key back to 2013, a young German producer going by the name of Florian Kupfer steps up on Ron Morelli’s blooming L.I.E.S. imprint with a debut 12″ featuring a new classic – the extra vibey ‘Lifetrax‘ – that would soon become one of the year’s highlights and an anthem of the self-established ‘lo-fi’ community.

After many detours and style shifts which saw Kupfer explore drone-y, ambient and industrial grounds, Kupfer’s entrusted a small batch of unreleased cuts from the early days to Russian outlet Private Persons, shaping the contours to this ‘Post Present‘ EP. Available to stream over our channels today is the pulsating ‘Can’t Love Life Without U‘, a smoked out slab of dusty Chicagoan house doped on soulfoul vocals, shuffling drum motifs and submerging dubby textures that offer a scopious sound spectrum and maximal field depth to lose yourself into. Bounce and sway!

Post Present is out now via Private Persons, order a vinyl copy from Lobster Records.


A1. Post Present
B1. Can’t Love Life Without U
B2. Любовь

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