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Premiere: Troy Gunner – Majesty

Sometimes, simplicity is key when you’re on a dance floor. Whether you’re hearing thumping bass, skittering percussion or a jubilant melody; stripping things down to their core keeps the purity and essence of the vibe ready for consumption for the lot on the floor.

Enter Troy Gunner’s latest release ‘GUNNER001’. The Berlin-based producer has recently shaken things up with his brand new project “GUNNER” – a predominantly vinyl-focused imprint that will keep things within a group of select producers as well his own forthcoming productions.

GUNNER is set to release a debut three-tracker, entitled “GUNNER001” in less than a month’s time, fortunately we’ve been indebted to debut a chilled-out summer treat “Majesty” in addition to a preorder link on his Bandcamp.


1. Concern From Afar
2. Fictitious
3. Majesty

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