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Premiere: Athlete Whippet – Corporate Guy (Baltra’s 9 to 5 Remix)

Since the drop of their debut EP back in 2016, Peckham duo Athlete Whippet have been developing and refining their own blends of warm, gung-ho, funky house and other heliotropic ear-candies, fully geared towards the club and festival season alike. Their new EP, ‘Corporate Guy‘, featuring Baltra and Danvers on remix duty, is scheduled for landing via their own squareglass platform on May 31st.

Lifted from this solid package of solar-powered grooves, Baltra‘s “9 to 5” remix of the title-cut is a breezy workout and bespoke formidable weapon, sure to get crowds into a lather with its unstoppable mix of nasty sub waves, ankle-twisting breaks and spasmodic synth stabs, seasoned with a pinch of gym tonic-like pep talk for good measure. High-in-vitamins, iron-pumping house churner for the sunny days, this one’s going hard in the paint. “Work that sh**!”

Corporate Guy is released via squareglass on May 31st, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Corporate Guy
2. Blue Lagoon
3. W.H.W.M.F.
4. Corporate Guy (Baltra’s 9 to 5 Remix)
5. Blue Lagoon (Danvers Remix)

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