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Premiere: Qnete & Carmel – Forest Magic

After surfacing earlier this year with a mysterious, unsigned debut 12″, Leipzig-based label QC Records preps the ground for future developments with ‘The Trifecta‘ EP, courtesy of founding duo Qnete and Carmel, landing May 10th.

Charting liminal zones between exotica-laced, organic house sensuality and heckler old-school junglism, the debut collab from Uhde and Walker puts on a vibrant display of brightly-hued textural folds, blissed-out synth escapism and other sun-streaked harmonics, whilst their muscular drum prog and rowdy bass moves grant Q&C’s tunes high-impact efficiency on the dancefloor.

Taking us for a dreamy dash across the upper layers of some mystic-imbued tropical forest canopy, our premiere ‘Forest Magic‘ feels like diving headlong into the trees and across the micro-realms of its densely populated foliage, in search of the birds’ last secret paradise. Let the burden of a busy workday behind and fly off to a world of otherworldly beauty on board QC airline, the trip’s well worth it.

The Trifecta EP is released via QC Records on May 10th, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. The Trifecta
B1. Forest Magic
B2. Canterburied

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