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Premiere: Alessandro Adriani – Dust / Mist (feat. Simon Crab)

Hot on the heels of his recently released ‘Embryo‘ EP, which served the purpose of souped-up starter before the main course, Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani returns to Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts with his highly-anticipated sophomore long-player, ‘Morphic Dreams‘, due to hit the shelves on May 17th.

Lifted from this genre-busting patchwork of both club-friendly and more off-kilter material – spanning house, techno, ambient and further borderless electronics, ‘Dust / Mist‘ in collaboration with Bourbonese Qualk’s Simon Crab is a straight out breezy accordion house jam. With its quirky drum patterns, folksy accents and broken, loopy groove circling over and under in infinite ripples, the track promises to get hips swaying and feet shuffling by the dozen this summer. Dog days doozy.

Morphic Dreams is released on May 17th, pre-order a copy from the label’s webshop.


A1. The Tropical Year
A2. Raindance
A3. Storm Trees
B1. Dissolving Images
B2. Dust / Mist (feat. Simon Crab)
B3. Casting The Runes
C1. Hors De Combat
C2. Invisible Seekers (feat. Shawn O’Sullivan)
C3. Crow
D1. Things About To Disappear
D2. Make Words Split And Crack

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