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Valencia-based producer Pépe puts together a mix that defies rhythmic linearity to explore further broken-beat friendly and deeper electronic realms. The result is a serious trip for the body and mind, sure to bring some welcome warmth in these days of cold and wet.


Prominent Leipzig based-selector Solaris serves up a stomping mix that delves deep into her experimental record collection, featuring an upcoming track from M.E.S.H. – This one is not for the faint-hearted!

Lumigraph on a Bulletproof Holiday

As his new instalment ‘Bulletproof Holiday’ just hit the streets, we sat back with Dublin-based producer Gareth Smyth aka Lumigraph to discuss the making of the EP and limited photobook, creative environment and his all-time hip-hop favourites.

Chaos In The CBD: Midnight In Peckham

Chaos In The CBD’s ‘Midnight In Peckham’ EP doesn’t offer much in the way of variation, but if you dig house at its smoothest and most tasteful, there’s plenty of accomplished grooves on offer.

Sean Khan: Samba Para Florence

Both contributions on this 12” look set to lend a funkily idiosyncratic and offbeat edge to all the right dance floors.