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Premiere: Livio Improta – Cuma

Now on the cusp of their second release, Luca Bigote’s radio show on LYL and imprint Tiella Sound prepare to release ‘Fondamentalismi‘ – courtesy of Naples-based DJ and producer Livio Improta.

Following releases on German label Housewax, Roots Underground Records and Tuscany-based imprint Bosconi – ‘Fondamentalismi‘ displays an apodictic constellation of downtempo meteorites, ambient satellites and alien-like breaks. Anthologized over 10 tracks, Livio Improta’s lunar module floating above Salerno features his most bizarre sonic experiments.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Cuma‘ – a dubbed-out supernova examined through a hi-fi spyglass. Unhurried rhythms and a wobbling brain massage accompany the interplanetary sound vacuum, making this a certified safe space for astrology practitioners.

‘Fondamentalismi’ LP is scheduled for release on 8th December via Tiella Sound. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Alpha
2. Posidone
3. 80123
4. Fondamentalismi
5. Comunicando
6. Cuma
7. Intransigenza
8. Iblis
9. Marechiaro
10. Omega