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Lucy: Self Mythology

If you are looking for anything remotely resembling a dance floor work out, this is mostly not the place. But if you fancy a lysergically drenched folkloric voyage then please come in, brace yourself, and enjoy the journey.

Best Record Labels of 2014

From experimental to club extents, soft-tempered house material to the murkiest of techno beats and grooves, the following selection is aimed to provide you with the finest record labels of 2014.

Five Years Of Artefacts: Chapter One

To celebrate Stroboscopic Artefacts 5th anniversary, the Berlin-based imprint has concocted a series of five EPs that couldn’t encapsulate the label’s state of mind any better. Here’s the first of the batch.

Dadub: Untitled EP

1. Dadub ‘Mistresses March’
2. Dadub + ‘Kykeon’
3. Dadub + Grun ‘Ergot Kernel’


Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith are Lakker. They’re based in Dublin and have been producing together for the past decade. After releasing their debut album ‘Ruido‘ in
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Zeitgeber: Zeitgeber

A1 Closely Related
A2 These Rhythms
A3 Skin
B1 None Of Their Defects
B2 From Here
C Now Imagine
D1 Before They Wake
D2 Display 24

Dadub: You Are Eternity

1. Vibration
2. Truth
3. Life
4. Path
5. Circle [feat. Edit Select]
6. Death
7. Transfer [feat. King Cannibal]
8. Arrival
9. Unbroken Continuity
10. Experience [feat. Øe]
11. Existence
12. Iridescent Fragment


Dadub is an electronic music duo formed by Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti. They are focused on the production of electronic music that fuses together ambient,
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Pfirter/Dadub: Universe/Metropolis

A. Pfirter – Universe
B. Dadub – Metropolis
1. Pfirter – Universe (Edit Select Dub)
2. Dadub – Metropolis (Edit Select Dub)