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Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani announces ‘Embryo’ EP + ‘Morphic Dreams’ LP on Stroboscopic Artefacts

After a first outing on Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2017, followed by a contribution to the label’s thematic VA ‘Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music‘ last year, Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani announces his return to Luca Mortellaro’s imprint with a pair of releases, short and long, due out respectively on April 19th and May 17th.

Introduced as a fully “immersive four-track micro-odyssey spanning across jagged ambient scopes, unmapped acidic grounds and further leftfield-friendly sonic territories“, the four-track ‘Embryo‘ EP opens up the path for the bigger slab, ‘Morphic Dreams‘ – Adriani’s longed-for debut LP for SA, which is said to find him laying the foundations to “a suspended sound imaginarium, governed by its own rules and principles of gravity” and covering an even wider variety of genres.

Both releases also comprise their lot of highly anticipated collaborations. On ‘Inverted Aspects‘, lifted from the ‘Embryo‘ EP, Adriani teams up with Chicago’s very own sound experimentalist Beau Wanzer, whilst ‘Morphic Dreams‘ sees the Italian producer jamming with Simon Crab, ex-member of the seminal ’80s UK industrial-experimental band Bourbonese Qualk, as well as Avian affiliate and longtime friend Shawn O’Sullivan, also known as 400PPM and Vapauteen.



A1. Elapsed Emptiness
A2. Symmetry
B1. Inverted Aspects (feat. Beau Wanzer)
B2. Aria (New Beat version)


A1. The Tropical Year
A2. Raindance
A3. Storm Trees
B1. Dissolving Images
B2. Dust / Mist (feat. Simon Crab)
B3. Casting The Runes
C1. Hors De Combat
C2. Invisible Seekers (feat. Shawn O’Sullivan)
C3. Crow
D1. Things About To Disappear
D2. Make Words Split And Crack

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