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Perc readies solo EP ‘Ma’ for Stroboscopic Artefacts

Alistair Wells aka Perc joined the Strobosopic Artefacts‘ roster back in 2010, releasing two EPs in collaboration with Italian duo Modern Heads and Singapore-based producer Xhin, as well as the 5th episode of the label’s reputed Monad series.

Following on from a year of 2015 marked with a couple quality records for his own Perc Trax imprint and another dreamy ambient EP for Passarella, Perc returns to Lucy‘s imprint with ‘Ma‘, a fresh new three-tracker set for landing on February 12th.

Taking darkness as its starting point, ‘The Death Of Rebirth‘ marks the rhythm of what sounds like a trance-inducing battle between two dancing swords. Premonitory tickling tones then drag the listener straight into an underworld realm with ‘Negative Space‘, deep-down the desolate land where the Acheron river flows, Charon slowly approaching his mist-shrouded barque to the sound of ‘Ma‘.

‘Ma’ is released via Stroboscopic Artefacts on 12th February 2016, order a vinyl or digital copy from their website.


A1. The Death Of Rebirth
A2. Negative Space
B. Ma

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