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Batu announces ‘Bleeper Feed / April These’ for dnuoS ytiviL

Bristol based producer Batu, real name Omar McCutcheon, has announced a new two-tracker for Livity Sounds sister imprint dnuoS ytiviL entitled ‘Spooked / Clarity (Dismantled)’.

Making music alongside the likes of Peverlist, Pinch and Hodge. Batu debuted on dnuoS ytiviL back in 2013. Aspiring to go beyond the realms of the sole producer status, Batu established his own record label ‘Timedance‘ in 2015, with the imprints second release coming from L.SAE aka Metrist.

Batu’s forthcoming two-tracker ‘Bleeper Feed / April These‘ breaks the boundaries of musical genres, mingling broken beats with dubby tones flavoured with a generous dose of ascending synths and soft kicks.

‘Bleeper Feed / April These’ is scheduled for release via Dnuos Ytivil on 29th January 2016. Order a vinyl or a digital copy from Bandcamp.


1. Bleeper Feed
2. April These

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