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Premiere: Aviv Stern – OT-OR

It’s been a busy year for label Sadan, co-founders Ohad Peleg and Request Lorraine each turning in solo EPs in the past months. For their next release, the label have enlisted Aviv Stern, a fellow Israeli artist, for an EP of psychedelic electronic incantations.

With the idea of shamanic ceremonies in mind, ‘OT-OR’ is the artist’s attempt to conjure a sonic universe in which such rituals might take place. The title of the release comes from Hebrew. OT has a multiplicity of meanings, while OR means light.

The shamanic intent embedded within this release is manifest in various ways. ‘Compressed Fog’ is the sound of electronics possessed, ‘Black Entity’ could be the soundtrack to occult rituals, while time seems to slow down on the title track, a distorting digital hallucination.

‘OT-OR’ is scheduled for release 19 November via Sadan. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. OT-OR
2. Poetry Trail
3. Human Bird Form
4. Compressed Fog
5. Black Entity