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Premiere: Bégayer – Lycose battue

Fifteen years after their inaugural release, Paris-based platform Murailles Music, Via Parigi and Le Saule deliver the nine-track ‘Évohé B​è​gue‘ LP – courtesy of French folk noise quintet Bégayer with Loup Uberto, Alexis Vinéïs, Lucas Ravinale, Jean-Philippe Curtelin and Etienne Foyer.

Mostly recorded between Le Mans and Poncillon, ‘Évohé Bègue’ conjures a psyched-out fantasy combining ancestral folklore and mutant technology. A total of nine tracks give Bégayer’s eyeteeth to create the folklore of tomorrow, emphasizing Ethiopian box-lyre instruments, Gnawa percussions, devilish chants and infected radio transistors.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Lycose battue‘ – thanks to its eight-legged mantra conducted with trippy incantations, distorted bagpipe melodies and clairvoyant percussion. As a result of its oriental-infused outro, this track is the ideal accompaniment for a wine-making ritual.

‘Évohé B​è​gue’ is scheduled for release on 11th March via Murailles Music. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Aede Bègue
2. Grimpe Une Pige
3. Bande Opaque
4. Agapes Bègues
5. Première Interprète
6. Lycose Battue
7. Fable Bègue
8. Seuil d’un Bourg
9. Prèche Bègue