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Premiere: Bénédicte – Drift (feat. XGLARE)

A simmering slice of futuristic introspection comes courtesy of Montreal-based sound artist Bénédicte — appearing on the radar last year courtesy of Blueberry Records‘ incredible ‘Unbroken Dreams Of Light’ compilation, she follows-up with a immense five-tracker on the imprint, entitled ‘When It Binds’.

The EP serves as Bénédicte’s personal exploration of what happens after an emotional connection is established with someone, as well as all the introspective inquisition that ties all of it together. The tracks on this release are a collection of compositions crafted over the last three years; presenting a timeline of production techniques unearthed, ideas expanding into narratives and narratives leading into full-on sonic bliss.

Our personal pick of that aforementioned sonic bliss is ‘Drift’ – a collaborative track featuring fellow Blueberry artist XGLARE – that takes its precious time with a synthetic breadcrumb trail, coaxing listeners with diverging paths that give questions and answers with layered vocals and tight-knit percussion. The combination of all these elements lead to a rich, ruminating experience which picks its pressure points carefully; leading listeners to a moment of solace within the intricacies of a framework that encourages self-discovery through sound.

‘When It Binds’ is scheduled for release 26 February via Blueberry Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Lash
2. SwallowTail
3. Glass Test
4. Drift (feat. XGLARE)
5. Fall On Me