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Premiere: Blixa – Gizmo

As Coronavirus regulations are being revised, an influx of dancefloor driven music is undoubtedly climbing over the horizon. Spinning into focus like tomorrow’s newspaper headline comes the debut EP from London based producer Blixa.

Co-founder of North London party collective Polar, Blixa has dipped his toe in all manner of DIY Party and street raves, with a view to broadening his reach to prototypical warehouses in the post-Covid future. Manifestly pushing grassroots talent and music native to Latin America, his multitude of resplendent skills have eked into his versatile show on Bristol-based 1020 Radio as well as his visionary Graphic Design work – counting the revered Metalheadz amongst his array of clients.

All things considered, the time is finally right to release his inaugural ‘Gizmo’ EP on Argentinian label Vista Recordings. This relatively new imprint focuses on diverse electronic music on the brink of regimented dancefloor construction. Bass heavy and unsteady, Vista’s preceding releases have caused ripples in their hometown of Buenos Aires. Continuing the trend, Blixa’s rhythmic yet kaleidoscopic experiment delves deep into a cluster of vibrancy and passion.

The title track ‘Gizmo’ is brooding and foreboding, wobbling in from a murky periphery as the tribal percussion elevates and intensifies. A dubstep-like undertow regulates the beat, whilst the jittery vocal cuts through the fluidity and invokes a ceaseless and tribal sensibility. It’s relatively impossible not to nod your head to this track, if you value your muscular health you won’t resist.

Get lost in the aura of Blixa’s perception, his talent is unending and his hunger incessant. We’ve no doubt he’s soon to become a mainstay in the eclectic scenes he traverses, so get following and keep your eager eyes peeled for more.

‘Gizmo’ is scheduled for release 30 April via Vista Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Gizmo
2. Data-7
3. Otraq