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Tobias Thomas mixes third edition of ‘Connecting The Dots’

Following previous editions from Michael Mayer and Robag Wruhme, today Kompakt release the third edition of their DJ mix series ‘Connecting The Dots‘ courtesy of Tobias Thomas, one of labels closest stalwarts and number one ambassador of the Sound of Cologne.

The mix weaves together a who’s who of long-time producers that have become the bedrock of the German imprint. Recorded at Tobias Thomas’ home between January and March 2021, it features a choice track selection including Markus Guentner, Thomas Fehlmann, Superpitcher, Sascha Funke, COMA, Love Inc. aka Wolfgang Voigt, Rex The Dog and Vermont.

Track highlights include DJ Koze’s bonus mix of ‘Bobby’, Jimmi Moon’s Lovelane’ and past summer anthems such as Michael Mayer’s remix of Baxendale “I Built This City” and Sascha Funke’s remix of “Rabbit’s In A Hurry”.

‘Tobias Thomas Connecting The Dots’ is out now via Kompakt. Order a copy from Kompakt.


1. Marcus Schmickler – Particle/Matter
2. Markus Guentner – Im Moll 6
3. Gregor Schwellenbach – Kaito’s Everlasting
4. Thomas Fehlmann – Wasser Im Fluss
5. Andrew Thomas – Fearsome Jewel 5
6. Superpitcher – Rabbits In A Hurry – Sascha Funke`s JD Is The One Rabbits Remix
7. DJ Koze – Bobby – DJ Koze Bonus Mix
8. Scsi 9 – Mini
9. Sascha Funke – Safety First 1
10. COMA – Missing Piece – Computer Camp Mix
11. Superpitcher – Tell Me About It
12. Steadycam – In The Moog For Love
13. Love Inc. – Chicago Suite
14. Rex The Dog – Korgasmatron
15. Baxendale – I Built This City – Michael Mayer Mix
16. Thomas / Mayer – Über Wiesen
17. Vermont – Majestät – DJ Tennis Edit
18. Jimmi Moon – Lovelane
19. Superpitcher – Holiday Hearts

Tobias Thomas Connecting The Dots