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Premiere: Brenecki – Effective Side Information

Hot on the heels of his top-notch latest offering for Natural Sciences, Brooklyn based mutant tech trader Boris Brenecki steps up on Singapore’s Midnight Shift with ‘Mnemonic‘, a blazing new five-tracker hybridising lopsided machine funk, off-axis electro pulsations and overly gritty motorik.

If Brenecki’s initially made a name for himself shelling harsh techno weapons as Ontal and Figure/Ground, this further personal facet of his work has him juggling with a broader sound palette. Ranging from ’90s-bred hardcore breaks to weatherbeaten Detroit electro, through droney, acid-washed patterns, the sound of the adopted US techno renegade cuts into the flesh.

Our pick ‘Effective Side Information‘ is a one-way ticket for a relentless trip across hellish landscapes and murky backstreets. Grinding its incisive, industrial-indebted drumwork and fevered synthlines through a highly corrosive sound design, Brenecki sets the mood for the ride and it’s a ruthless one that awaits. Melting point’s been reached, the sound system’s gone liquid.

Mnemonic EP is released via Midnight Shift on 8th October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Mnemonic
A2. Passage Souterrain
B1. Effective Side Information
B2. Videomensch
B3. Systematic

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