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Premiere: Brioche – Rage

With up-and-coming labels emerging in every regions of France at such a sustained pace, the local talent pool is nowhere near to dry up. Latest proof of the French scene’s vitality: a young collective gathered under the banner of Shawarma Records and hailing from the capital of Occitania, Toulouse.

If the label aesthetic immediately evokes a lineage with Sotofett’s Sex Tags amongst other things, the sound itself follows a different course. Stepping up with the label’s debut EP, mysterious Grenoble-based producer Brioche (yes, like the pastry) delivers a blasting mashup of 303-driven frenzy, motorik hiss and further basement vibey material.

Our pick, the aptly-titled ‘Rage‘ is one to unleash hell upon the club. Going straight for the jugular with its sequential blitz of pounding kick drums and heavy-breathing hats, the track raises full squalls of acid bass-lines straight out of the crypt. Wink-esque zombie tech weapon, all set at wiping out the undead by the dozen.

Brioche S/T is released via Shawarma Records in a limited run of 50 tapes and digital format in March 2017.


1. Paquet Surprise
2. Extasie
3. Serena
4. Rage

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