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Premiere: Caim – Rehab

Following up to their inaugural instalment issued in the summer of 2018, Tommy Kornuyt and Mark Antoni put on their Caim guise again for ‘Preta‘ – a deep new four-track floor igniter, blazing with uplifting electroid flavours and balmy, sub-aquatic vibrations akin to that of their prior EP, ‘Flâneur‘, in essence and effect.

Our premiere, ‘Rehab‘, sets the drive in motion on a floor-focused yet full-on dreamy note. Sure to bring the crowd to a steady, mood-enhancing simmer, this Detroit-inflected electro cruiser engineers a juicy mix of rattling, breaksy drum programming and choppy tides of stealth acid bass, as sluggish pads swell from above to dissolve in gaseous dregs. Space drifting cosmonautical pumper.

‘Preta’ is released via Caim Records in April, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Rehab
A2. Time To Go Home
B1. Preta Dancer
B2. Vidigal

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