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Premiere: Callum Asa – T2F

North London-based party gang No Rewinds sign Finsbury Park local Callum Asa for his ‘Mind‘ EP, their first 12-inch on their freshly stamped label.

The small collective operates (in better days) across renowned North London spaces such as Grow and The Cause, shelling out house and techno and the strains between. Asa, being a fixture on many of their lineups, makes for a logical first release as the UK awaits party season with bated breath.

Asa’s ‘T2F‘ sits close to the runout on the second side of the wax plate, and carries that inimitable B-side energy — a twitchy, shuffling gait carries the track throughout the 7-minute runtime, strange enough to turn your head but with all the minerals to carry a floor.

The vocal hook, sparingly dotted throughout the track, keeps the musical world set at an odd angle, in key with the twitching leftfield percussion. The spacious mid-section bridge, along with the general sparsity of the track, shows this track’s DJ tool potential.

‘Mind’ EP is scheduled for release 2 April via No Rewinds. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Mind
2. Untitled 13
3. T2F