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James Zabiela: Balance 029

Commissioned mixes have been through their driest 12 months in recent memory, creating a palpable appetite for something fresh and lavish. James Zabiela’s ‘Balance 029’ is beyond a marker for a brand new year, it is a brand new star in the most exclusive of constellations.


Slam need little introduction, the Glaswegian duo made up of Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan established Soma Quality Recordings in 1991. For the past twenty years
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In a scene dominated by male figures, tINI is a name that has risen in the last couple of years to big proportions. She is now
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Alessio Mereu: Tripolarity

1. First Pole
2. Only You Know Who I Really Am
3. Purity
4. Perfect Lover
5. French Connection feat. Bloody Mary
6. Second Pole
7. Hypochondriac
8. Distraught
9. Lucky Sinners feat. Naph & Carlo Caronti
10. Ok, Now Stop And Restart
11. The Case of. Mr. Bishop feat. Aeumen
12. Survived Boy
13. Third Pole

A2. Tripolarity (Vinyl Only)

Secret Cinema: Minerals

CD1: Night on Earth

01. Intro – Exploration
02. Smooth Talc
03. Crystal System (with Ramon Tapia)
04. Turquoise
05. Calcite Night
06. Moh’s Scale (with Kalden Boss AKA Moh)
07. Star Sapphire
08. Smoky Quartz
09. Topaz (with Egbert)
10. Caught in Amber
11. Interlude – Passage
12. Ruby FM (with Cosima)

CD2: Moving Earth with Mental Youth

01. Separating
02. Colliding
03. Forming
04. Mining
05. Molding