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Edward lines up ‘Hooked On Magic’ 12″ on Giegling

In celebration of their tenth anniversary as a collective and label, Giegling are preparing the gorgeous new ‘Hooked On Magic’ twelve-inch from Edward. Earlier this year, Giegling issued his well-received triple-LP album ‘Fortune Teller’; Trelik released the ‘Rumours’ 12″.

Speaking of rumours, Giegling has been modifying their website in very interesting ways in the last month, culminating in two riddles being posted on their homepage in anticipation of a North American tour celebrating their tin anniversary this year. You can view our report on that here.

Listen to clips and order a vinyl copy of ‘Hooked On Magic'” via Giegling.


1. Jap Collage
2. Whistle
3. Walk Free
4. Time Shift
5. Hidden Mirror

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