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Premiere: DOTT – Pro Six Three D Three

Kicking off 2022, Boiled Wonderland Records are set to release a 8 track compilation focused on local producers. With tracks from both emerging and more established artists, the Thai label’s first VA is packed with “deep club and warehouse music from the depths of Bangkok”.

Label founder Vell explains that, on ‘Cognition’, they wanted to highlight artists who are “really engaging with dance music in Thailand and developing new club sounds”. Our pick comes from DOTT, a producer who’s got a proven track record building killer grooves often in the realm of minimal and tech house.

Its name an acknowledgment of hardware used on the track, ‘Pro Six Three D Three’ came together in a single afternoon. There are spacey pads here as well as the kind of searing bassline and precision hi-hats that you might expect from DOTT. In terms of genre, it doesn’t fit neatly in a given box, something that the Bangkok-based producer says reflects the dynamic and diverse nature of the city.

‘Cognition’ is scheduled for release 28 January via Boiled Wonderland Records. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Sarayu – Burnt Out
2. Vell – Trangs Journey
3. Wildealer – Sawadee Krub
4. DOTT – Pro Six Three D Three
5. ahivar – NameEme
6. Matu – 00100
7. Chalo – Primitive
8. ahivar – Opal