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Premiere: Carlo Maria – Stella Maris (606 Version)

An unsung herald of the new wave of talents that’s been unfurling on Italy in the past couple years, Milano-based producer Carlo Maria first emerged three years ago with a debut tape for leftfield electronics pathfinders Søvn Records, followed one year later by a first 12″ release on rising Polish imprint, Brutaz, which is set to welcome his second vinyl release, ‘Doppio‘, due out sometime in February.

Lifted from this inward-turned third transmission, our pick ‘Stella Maris (606 Version)‘ beams its listener up into a world of sleek, glassy beauty where cascades of bleepy synth stabs, keen-edged hats on automatic fire and scopic, FX-drenched riff modulations collide through equally complex and sensitive harmonic choreographies. Stunning off-piste drifter with a different kind of pedigree.

Doppio is released via Brutaz in February 2019.


A1. 606 Dub
A2. Fast Backwards
B1. Stella Maris (Core)
B2. Stella Maris (606 version)

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