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Premiere: Cassius Select – Emergency D

Following an EP of explosive club tracks from Russian producer Rnbws, RONI’s Nehza Records are back with their third release. The label’s first compilation features diverse offerings from some of the finest dancefloor experimentalists around.

The music here is informed by more than just the desire to keep the crowds moving. Putting together ‘Transnaturel‘, RONI invited these artists to contribute tracks that speak to the current climate emergency, both through track titles and their own musical approaches.

Our pick from the release comes from Canadian DJ and producer Cassius Select. Opening the release, ‘Emergency D‘ (or Emergency Directive) is a nod to the type of decisive action needed to address the global climate catastrophe. Musically, it’s a stuttering electro beat that is peppered with staccato vocal chops and plentiful helpings of grainy textures.

‘Transnaturel’ is scheduled for release 22 February via Nehza Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Cassius Select- Emergency D
2. GЯEG – Tipti
3. Aloka – Digeridoo
4. Wanton Witch – Tanah-Tanih
5. Polyphemus – Rave Daemons
6. Amaliah – Selene’s Serenade
7. Von Riu – Oil Spill
8. NSDOS – Mount Lico Dream
9. Amor Satyr – Dragonfly Glider