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Premiere: Ciarra Black – Vessel

Berlin-via-NYC based producer Ciarra Black establishes her Pendulum Recordings imprint with a four-track EP, named ‘Stasis’. The title of the release is emblematic of Black’s previous works, as the collection of tracks are representative of a time and place; and whilst each track particularises Black’s unique sonic strengths (with each track establishing its tone within dancefloor extrospection and oscillating introspection) it is “Vessel” that melds her signature NYC granularity with her sharpening skills as a sound designer.

Vessel” is an austere vision of Black’s sonic evolution; always determined to find resolution within the experimental expanse of mangled electronics, while maneuvering towards a soundscape that evokes a calm before the storm. The journey taken through this track is one that bellows from within, asking questions yet to be answered as synths lead the listener from a mysterious beginning to a magnificent end. Take the dive for yourself after the jump.

‘Stasis’ is scheduled for released on 10 November via Pendulum Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Exponential
2. Machine Wash feat. Hiro Kone and Drew McDowall
3. Elektrolytes
4. Vessel