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Premiere: Misha Sultan – Heart

Hailing from Moscow, DiG Records have curated a small but enthralling catalogue of releases across a wide spectrum of sounds. Their next long player, ‘The Red Fern Road‘ by Russian producer Misha Sultan, is no departure from this pattern — and perhaps even marks a high-water mark.

An expansive album, Sultan’s sound seeds influences from Asian and European sources thanks to his home town, Novosibirsk, sitting on Russia’s spur of territory between the two continent. With bubbling tabla drums, haunting flutes, and soothing, eddying synths, the album melds together in a magical harmony that pulls the listener in deeper as each note manifests.

From each track to the next, ‘The Red Fern Road‘ shows itself to be the work of a masterful musician, creating a work fully informed by their two decades of experience. ‘Heart‘, the album’s soulful parting shot, sits light, a contemplative piece of easy-listening which emphatically holds the attention of those who listen, with subtle field recordings adorning the track’s gentle demeanour.

‘The Red Fern Road’ is scheduled for release 21 December via DiG Records. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. A Light To Oneself
2. Morning At Madua Wan
3. Mouse Wolf
4. Shell
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Bacteria
7. The Virgin Of The Sun
8. Heart