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Listen Back to Inverted Audio on Netil Radio – November 2020

Our monthly residency with Netil Radio continues, with our regular host Freddie Hudson manning the decks for another 2-hour show in the East London booth.

The show featured a variety of recently featured music, from Lord Of The Isles on Beats In Space, to the recently reissued Ultramarine, and Progetto Tribale’s revival featuring Donato Dozzy’s production skills on Danza Tribale.

As usual, there is plenty of forthcoming music in the show. Notable examples include deeper looks at Music From Memory’s upcoming EP covering the productions of Khan, the latest mind-melting EP from Helsinki’s Sansibar on Avoidance Records, and an upcoming collaboration between Om Unit and SeekersInternational on Berceuse Heroique. Finally, the show closes with two beautiful forthcoming pieces from Jabu and Ana Roxanne.


1. Shine Grooves – Night In Tokyo [Hanagasumi]
2. Lord Of The Isles – Glisk Science [Beats in Space]
3. Kaiji – Occam’s Razor [Kimochi Sound]
4. Parris & Minor Science – Terrapin [Wisdom Teeth]
5. Khan – Warm Leathereth [Forthcoming Music From Memory]
6. MermaidS – Raising The Altar [More Ritual]
7. Ultramarine – Antiseptic [Forthcoming Foam On A Wave]
8. Khan – Sweet Pink Lemonade [Forthcoming Music From Memory]
9. Progetto Tribale – Variable Mu [Danza Tribale]
10. Human Space Machine – Cycle [De Lichting]
11. Amandra & Karim – Sqala 3 (Forest Drive West Remix) [Forthcoming Tikita]
12. Forest On Stasys – Ofrenda (Alfred Czital Remix) [Forthcoming Harmony Records]
13. Human Space Machine – Mind Expander [De Lichting]
14. Metropolitan Soul Museum – Cayenne [Lyssa Records]
15. Giorgio Celeste & The Cobra – Altered States [Forthcoming Terkaarg Forges]
16. Sansibar – Sissi [Avoidance Records]
17. Human Movement – Waiting (D.Tiffany Remix) [Of Leisure]
18. Object Blue & TSVI – Turing Machine [Nervous Horizon]
19. Sansibar – S1 Type Beat [Avoidance Records]
20. Insolate – Sanchin [Gradient Records]
21. Sedgwick – Blue Print [Potatoheadz Records]
22. Yelzin – NOStalgia [Petrola80]
23. Om Unit & SeekersInternational – Mic Up [Forthcoming Berceuse Heroique]
24. Om Unit & SeekersInternational – Murky [Forthcoming Berceuse Heroique]
25. Florian T M Zeisig – Aspire (Exael Remix) [Forthcoming Enmossed]
26. Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy – Locked In Syndrome [Brothers From Different Mothers]
27. Konduku – Şekersin [DISK Records]
28. Jabu – Lately (ft. Sunun) [Forthcoming Sweet Company]
29. Ana Roxanne – Venus [Forthcoming Kranky Records]