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Premiere: OFK – Frustration

Berlin based Arboretum Records tap OFK (aka half of the R&S-released act Unknown Archetype) for the ‘Erratic Behaviour‘ EP, featuring a collaboration with Rell and a thundering remix from Cocktail Party Effect.

Over the 5 original tracks OFK takes liberties with the industrial techno template, with tracks twisting free of the molds of the genre to come up with inventive patterns and eerie, otherwordly melodies that seem to leap out of the auditory malaise of grinding metal.

Frustration‘ is the opener, a fierce and tense sprawl which hurls the listener headfirst into the world of the EP. Breakbeats, broken further into uneven shapes of their former selves, blare out in fractured distortion. Unruly bass stabs keep the listener guessing, always incorrectly, as nimble, flickering percussion lifts dancers to their toes. A fearsome example of non-standard form and delivery, and a hurricane of fresh air.

‘Erratic Behaviour’ is scheduled for release 18 November via Arboretum. Order a copy from Bandcamp. 


1. Frustration
2. OFK + Rell – Erratic Behaviour
3. Incubate
4. Erratic Behaviour (Cocktail Party Effect Remix)
5. Mistakes are meant to be made
6. Fingerbiter