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Premiere: Human Movement – Waiting (D.Tiffany Remix)

Sydney-based record label Of Leisure recruit Canadian dance master D.Tiffany for a pumping remix of Human Movement’s track ‘Waiting‘.

The original track marked the culmination of a year of developing the sound of Human Movement. Serene and anthemic simultaneously, ‘Waiting‘, in its original form, sits just outside the club but drops a suggestive wink to dancefloors right at the end with a subtle lick of acid.

Of Leisure clearly saw the club potential, and have awarded it the full Planet Euphorique party treatment: elevating said acid line to front and centre of the remix, D.Tiffany twists the track into a full-blown club smash-hit. Never a dull moment, the remix comes complete with her trademark twists and turns through punchy basslines and acid groove — hold out for the shakedown finale, and just try to keep still.

‘Waiting (D.Tiffany Remix)’ is scheduled for release 6 November via Of Leisure. Order a copy on Bandcamp


1. Waiting (D.Tiffany Remix)