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Premiere: Circling Vultures – Theatre Of Cruelty

Two years after their last outing, Los Angeles floor occultists The Black Lodge are back in business with their third instalment, ‘Mother Of Abominations‘, a fiery six-track split 12″ featuring dark-dwelling, predatory material from US power outfits Circling Vultures, alias Justin Aulis Long and Ken Zawacki, and Balance Angel – aka Bill Converse and Domokos, as previously heard on L.I.E.S. and Fantasy 1.

Premiereing through our channels today, Circling Vultures ‘Theatre Of Cruelty‘ is a hardline industrial rammer sure to stir madness in the dungeon and its vicinity. Sprinkled with subtle hints of spaced-out acid phrasing and ad hoc off-piste sequences taking it down further tribal pathways, the track unfolds with optimal, elephantine walk-like flow, thunderous to the fullest and sure damn brooding. One for the pitch-black, sugar-free coffee lovers. It’s Monday, chaps – wakey-wakey.

Mother Of Abominations EP is released via The Black Lodge in September, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Circling Vultures – The Hanging Man
A2. Circling Vultures – Theatre of Cruelty
B1. Balance Angel – DTLA Resistance 2
B2. Balance Angel – Balance 523
B3. Balance Angel – DTLA Resistance 1
B4. Balance Angel – Aragon [Locked Groove]

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