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Premiere: Commix – New Moves

Today’s premiere is an all-purpose roller – a hypnotic groover that’s nestled in a densely-packed compilation release on DEXT Recordings. Celebrating five years of quality releases from the likes of Hodge, Mark Broom, Nightwave, Special Request and many more – the imprint marks the occasion with ‘Elevate Volume 1 – featuring heavyweights including Appleblim, Otik, Pugilist and the producer responsible for this premiere.

Commix, now a decade-long solo project from George Levings, offering unique explorations of the world of four-to-the-floor with its legacy leanings in drum & bass. Look no further than Levings’ immense work under the Endian pseudonym to experience further groovy explorations within the structures of house and techno.

However, within his contribution to this release (entitled ‘New Moves’), he expertly needles the threads between the worlds he’s previously occupied and indoctrinates listeners into a mesmeric state with his swinging percussion, ascendant chord progressions and crackling textures. Take a trip for yourself and hear what awaits you.

“Elevate Volume 1” is scheduled for release 5 June via DEXT Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Pugilist – Eclipse
2. Otik – Apollon
3. Commix – New Moves
4. Appleblim – Hydrothermal Vents